I’m working on my research proposal for the 3rd time, and will submit it this evening.

It expands upon the claims in the book, which I am hopefully nearly done editing, four years after the contract was signed.

I had never done a PhD before, so my committee put the wolf at my door by reminding me of my obligations to actually proceed with a literature review and research proposal before I could work on the qualifying exam.  I have stepped on most of the rake in writing its various editions.

Sometime around 2013, I started working on a timeline of transportation, just after scrapping the old book in 2012.  I now am approaching 10,000 items in that timeline.

Sometime around 2015*, I became captivated by the progression of that timeline, and wondered if it did not have a deeper meaning.  A meaning about hunger, expectations, trust, fear, emotions.  Which has implications for us as humans, money, labor, satisfaction, sustainability and planning.

Last Friday, I was talking with my dad on the phone, and realized that this does not necessarily have to be a book.  I should quit waiting to get it out as a whole thought-through thing and start building it here, in public view

This has always been a blog about planning and sustainability.  But it is narrow and naive to worship at the feet of Burnham or Berry.  The conversation is evolving.  I want to start thinking and creating evolutionarily.

Watch this space.


False Color Picture of a Tardigrade (http://www.ghessesara.com/thread28937.html)

* Oh, and I happen to care if America survives as a nation.