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Just after the “Eocene-Oligocene” extinction event 0.034 bya, post dinosaur life reached its most baroque. The largest walking mammal ever, 16′ tall and 24′ long* Paraceratherium (0.03 bya), related to the modern rhinoceros, roamed widely between forests and steppes of Eurasia. On the other side of the world, the five-ton ground sloth Megatherium evolved among the ancestors of modern tree sloths in South America 0.03 bya. The largest bird ever, Pelagornis, patrolled the east coast of the United States for fish 0.025 bya, with a wingspan of about 20 feet. None of these giants ever had contact with each other, as the continents were still working their way to their modern configuration

0.03 bya, the Bering Strait land bridge opened for the first time, as the northern tips of North America and Asia approached each other. 0.022 bya, India collided with Asia, 100 million years since it separated from Antarctica. This collision formed the Himalayas, just as the collision between Europe and Asia formed the Ural Mountains 0.03 bya. Africa merged with Asia less catastrophically, unlike flood basalts, huge volcanic events that covered hundreds of square miles of land in lava during tectonic events. One of these covered the Pacific Northwest 0.016 bya.

Many of the species we know today evolved form their ancestors during this period, including the deer in Asia, from ungulates (0.025 bya), and the bear (0.022 bya) in North America, from carnivores. In South America, the Anteater first diverged (0.02 bya) from the sloths and armadillos to exploit a plentiful resource that has been around for 60 million years. Cattle, like Buffalo, Oxen, and Cows, evolved from ungulates 0.02 bya and Goats began to evolve from cattle 0.018 bya in Africa. Also in Africa, the first hyenas, giraffes, and anteaters evolved 0.02 bya , from cats, ungulates, and In the end of this period, Pachyderms, the ancestor of mastodons, mammoths, and elephants evolved 0.015 bya.

Back in Africa, the first tailless apes evolved from monkeys 0.025 bya. This was after we had evolved the smile as an indication of friendliness, from unfriendly circumstances (0.03 bya). We evolved blood types 0.02 bya . After Africa attached to Asia, apes began to spread to Asia, and hominid apes, our ancestors, diverged from plains-dwelling Gibbons (0.015 bya), moving into the forests of central Africa.

Now 255/256s the way through history.