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This is a Sunday morning tale of unexpected elegance.

So, my schedule has been shaken up.  I realize I am not as good as I should be with term papers as I should be.  This last one was written in the crevice of time between sleep and work.  Which beats the vast space between sleep and no work, but working a 40 hour job with a 1 hour commute is a change, shall we say.

In order not to ruin Thanksgiving, once ago an, I vow to work on my two remaining term papers and my book edits on the weekend fully.  I got a fair bit done yesterday, and I hoe to have a fair bit done today.  Though I am procrastinating this very instant on one of the term papers, by writing this.  I suppose there are worse ways to procrastinate.

I got to sleep in for the first time in a week this morning, which I enjoyed to the fullest.  Most of my mornings this week started at 4:20, and not in a fun way.  After completing the cat cycle, I saw that I had some time and an errand to do.

I recall last year doing a queue survey on Richmond Highway (US 1), and seeing a building under construction along this highway which was totally out of place for th highway, but in place for the transit station a half mile away.  A residential development of that size would only add traffic to the highsay, unless the people living there saw the transit station and even the auto-scale amenities as their walking realm.  I remember taking a picture of this under construction in 2013, but I couldn’t find the picture.  This development is so new that it is not on google maps or bing maps aerial or street views.

So I resolved to revisit the scene, and it was right there where I left it.  The insulation and framing of 2013 was now clad in brick and the occupancy permit had been issued on the Shelby.  It would have been more in place on Columbia Pike or Peachtree Street, and it surely surrounded a massive parking structure, but I wish it well.  Its a step up from what is around it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.23.02 PM

^ It’s around there somewhere:

Mission accomplished, I knew that I was close to a Krispy Kreme for a celebratory donut.  Among the reasons I don’t have Krispy Kreme much anymore is that they are so damn far from home.  But not absent from the DC metro area.  I got a hot glazed, a kreme filled with chocolate and a coffee.

That’s when I saw it.

Instead of stir sticks of the coffee, they gave me a extra tall lid that enabled swirling the coffee to mic, instead of the extra need for a plastic (Dunkin Donuts,  McDonalds), wooden (Starbucks), or wooden-wrapped in plastic lined paper sleeve (Panera)*.  I’m not sure the larger lid saves plastic volume, but I am sure it saves production and labor dealing with yet another class of widget.

I got pretty excited about this and had to write you about it.

* Yes I do enjoy WiFi cafes, don’t you?