I’m not putting up much writing this evening, as I’m still composing my data for this.  It is deuced hard to figure out average trip distance for different traffic modes, like motorcycles, cars, SUVs and freight trucks.  Once I get that together I’ll talk a bit about the safety of driving a motorcycle.  I haven’t looked at it side by side, but it appears to be riskier than driving a bike.  They both derive from  the same platfor,after all.

By this time next week, I just might write about the bike as the parent of the modern car and airplane.  Before that, expect o more coherent discussion fo the safety of motorcycles and other ways of moving fast in heavy machines.  As usual, click on images to see better versions.

SafetyAccidents copy

SafetyInjuries copy

SafetyFatalities copy

ChanceInjuries copy

ChanceFatalities copy

ChanceFatalities-Air copy

*Bonus if you spot the problem with the “Chance” graphs.