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So recently, we went to Philadelphia for a ache filled time cleaning, sanding, staining, painting and replacing bits of our house there.  It was a much better use of our time than fretting or worrying.  We had been renting it for years, and it was just getting time to sell.

I’ve done way too many move-in/move-outs, and every time, my environmentalist credentials go right out the window.  I want the toilet clean, and if I have to appeal to the caustic mercies of the Dow Chemical company to do it, I’ll do it.  I am pleased that the LEED market has forced the paint manufacturers to make much, much less volatile paints.  I could barely smell the stuff.

The point of the car in traffic is most acute when I am trying to get this sundry a basket of tasks done.  Hauling lumber for the deck, buying paint, cleaning supplies, etcetera, etcetera would not be any fun on foot, bike or transit.  Even if there was a great hardware store within quarter mile, hauling the stuff back wouldn’t do.  And then there’s the need for other supplies.  I doubt most home-wide projects could be done simply on bike or foot, except in deepest Manhattan.

Another thing I praise without reservation is clear title  and policing.  The house is blank and vacant now, awaiting paint and varnish.  The move out with the renter was without hassle.  He just left the keys near the door, and 8 hours later we showed up.

And the opposite side of clear tootle, clear disposal.  We didn’t get all the detritus and things that seemed like a good idea 10-20 years ago out of the basement, but that which we did we did with confidence in the Philadelphia Waste management system.  My old bike, which had a cracked frame but a few hundred dollars worth of components on it, is now gone.

Actually, the bike didn’t go to the landfill.  I put it out back, found screws, and began screwing down freshly stained deck boards on our deck facing the alley.  Not 15 minutes after I had put the bike out there, a family in a brown van was loading my bike into their van.  On the alley, behind the houses.  When I wanted them about the cracked frame, they said it was just for parts.

God bless capitalism.

Apologies that this was so brief.  My legs are still relearning how to climb stairs, and I’m resting a bit.


Close, but no foyer

Friday, I have honestly outlined a series ion the health impacts of driving.  I’ve got a number of threads going this year, and I’m happy about that.