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For picture Wednesday, I’d like to share a strange vehicle from the dawn of traffic:


There are several pictures of this contraption from the period before 1915, before closed cabs and engines in front became the standard.  It seems like a great, if hazardous, viewing platform for a tour bus however, with wide seating and open air views, as long as the weather holds.

I’ve been doing a collage of views of Herald Square in New York, to show the differing policies in walking and paving since 1885 or so.  Here’s one of those buses in the wild in 1909.


Note the presence of walkers in nearly every part of the street.  The street was pave a little over a decade before this, and already there are patches in the pavement.

I’m going to make it a point to visit Herald Square today, but this is not a shot I can recreate.  The B-D subway line was an elevated then