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So, today I took the GRE for the third time.  I am writing at 5:41 AM after a restless night, before I take the test.  I have now taken the test, and am satisfied

I am not taking it for the third time out of a desperate need to get a good score, I am taking it because I like to take deep unsatisfactory draughts of real life and academe in alternate gulps.  I have taken it in 1994 and 2004, and will be taking it again in 2014.  Funny that, my spacing is just about perfect.

I said elsewhere that I’d like to bike more in the new year.  I’d also like to get a better job, get into a PhD program in planning, economics and smart growth, and publish my first book.  I don’t want to raise those to the status of resolutions.  Resolutions are cathartic things made for breaking.  Everything on that list, including the biking, are things that I’ve been working on for months or years.  

Now that I’m done with the fershlugginer GRE, I can resume work on that list.  Right about now.