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Triangles: street railways

Brown=Horsecars, Green=Electric, Gray=Steam, Gas or Natural Gas, Orange=Battery, Light Blue=Compressed Air

Circles: Buses

Gray=Trolleybuses, Green=Buses

Hollow Circles: Interurbans

Squares: Heavy Rail
Tilted Squares; Light Rail

I owe a lot to wikipedia, and Chicago Rail Fan for most of this data.  I owe a lot more to several city historic societies for specifics on their transit.  I also owe

Will Tollerton of the Bushwacker Museum (Nevada, MO),
Carolyn Walker & Linda McFerren of the Historical Society of Totonto, OH,
James C. Oda of the Piqua Public Library (Piqua, OH),
Teen Peterson of the Amelia Island Museum of History (Fernandina Beach, FL),
Nanci Irvin of the Jefferson County Historical Society (Mount Vernon, IL),
Tom Beatty of the Scott County Historical Society (Georgetown, KY),
Jeffrey A Koehler of Brazil, IN,
Alan Rumrill of the Historical Society of Cheshire County (Keene, NH), and
Marsha Moratti of the Jefferson County Historiacal Society (Port Townsend, WA)

for the sepcific knowledge of their city’s histories to tell me when streetcar service began or ended where they live.

There are two problems with this:

1) I am not sure about a lot of the horsecar start-stop service dates
2) I do not know the start dates of the bus services