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I learned this week that dormant muscles really do go away.  On Friday, biking for the first time in 2 weeks, I learned my quadriceps were not up to the task.  Fortunately for my pride, it was early in the morning, and most of the witnesses were going the opposite direction at 35 MPH.  This weekend, I broke up and assembled pallets for a gardening project.  The wood they use for pallets is quite hard, and my elbow remembers that.   I earnestly do not recall nailing into pine being that hard.

Four Advil and  a good night’s sleep later, most aches were gone.  But my elbow, the one closest to all the hammering, still hurts.  There is a relationship between daily practice and condition I need to work on.

If I drove nails for a living, or biked every day, I would be in the condition I was in in college.  I never wanted to swing a hammer nails for a living, though I do enjoy it. I did lift heavy things for pay for a while one summer.  I was never more fit.  Wiry or emaciated, even.  Lifting 50 pounds of boxes in a two stack was no big deal then.  I did not have a driver’s license then, so if I wanted to be 5 miles away, I  gave myself 30-45 minutes and I got myself there.

The pain in my elbow yesterday was a call that I need to do more than type and mouse.  But will I?  Strength is made of a lot of weakness.  And I have to be weak over and over again before I am strong.  I’ll see in a couple of days when my elbow feels better.

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