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This is a short post, as I’ve been busy from sunup to sundown with traffic queue counts.  It does me good to contemplate how most of America gets around.  I’ll write another post on lack of walkability soon. 

My colleague today pointed out an axiomatic misgiving with transit that I feel needs addressing.  Their stance was that transit brings crime and decline, axiomatically.  I have a taste for national geographic  data before forming an opinion, as I detest duelling anecdotes and ideologies. 

I know that crime on transit has fallen faster than crime nationally, but is there even crime on traffic?  Traffic is choice and mobility.  If you don’t like where you are in traffic, you can just drive elsewhere.

Looks like I’ll be digging into the FBI website for data by zip code soon.  Suggestions welcome.


(via Garcia Media Life @ http://garciamedialife.com/2011/02/)