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I had the privilege to review aerial photos for a particular intersection a county wanted widened, and wanted to show you something funny.

Note that the tree-lined road to the left is about 36 feet wide, with one southbound lane and two northbound lanes.  It carries 23,000 vehicles per day.  Mostly north, apparently.

Now look at the road in the subdivision to the right, perpendicular to the first road.  It is also 36 feet wide, but has no lane markings.  It carries 60 vehicles per day.

Now look at the houses.  Their main masses are about 36 feet wide.  The road is as wide as the houses

I checked zillow for the price of those homes, and they are about a million dollars a pop.  Must be a nice area.

Notice there is one more 36 foot wide thing on this image.  The parking stalls in that lot across the street.  Add in the travel lane between stalls and you have 60 feet of width.